The Psychological Warfare & the Fifth Column

Mind-control, psychological warfare and demoralization tactics to overpower enemies and control their behavior to serve own agendas and desires have all been too well-known and in practice for ages now.

Although psychological warfare is so old,  the term itself was not put into use until the Second World War. In definition, the psychological warfare is the deliberate use of  certain activities to influence the opinions, the viewpoints and the behavior of a group of people with the aim of changing their way of thinking.

The objectives of the psychological warfare can be summed up with the use of a specific ideological and moral policy and the taking of specific actions to broaden and spearhead the act of influencing the group,  in times of war and peace, by deploying these techniques to influence the ethics and the morale of the citizens.

Psychological warfare relies on:  Propaganda, rumors, economic pressure, political maneuvering as well as the use of military force

How may targeted countries and peoples counter such a psychological warfare?

First, they have to curb the activities of hostile groups acting within their ranks. In other words, they have to identify and curb the activities of what is commonly known as the “Fifth Column”. But what is the fifth column?  This term originated for the first time during the Spanish civil war. It was coined by General Emilio Mola, who was serving under Francisco Franco.

General Mola told a journalist that as his four columns of troops were approaching Madrid, a “fifth column” (Quinta in Spanish) of supporters inside the city would be able to do what no other column of troops is capable of.

The fifth column is a highly effective weapon that undermines nations from within. Sympathizers with enemies lurking inside the country can weaken the nation and undermine it through a variety of techniques. They may propagate disinformation and baseless rumors to scare the population and instill panic in their hearts.

They can incite hatred and promote inter-national, inter-confessional and inter-race prejudice and/or feuding. And they may commit subversive acts of sabotage and vandalism to create chaos and disorder. Fifth Column agents should therefore be curbed with resolve and without any hesitation. As a key counter-propaganda tool, loyal media means should shoulder the prime responsibility of exposing the objectives of the enemy to the local and international public opinion.

Building on the advances of psychology, sociology, and politics, the state should take some concrete and reliable measures to counter present and future enemy plans.

To do so, the targeted state should know as much as possible about the enemy. Such pieces of information can be obtained from nationals living abroad.

The old adage that media means are poorly financed and therefore they can not compete with the hugely financed media of the enemies is no longer valid. With the wide access to the Internet, media means no longer need such huge potentials to excell their enemies. From  our experience at Firil Center, we noticed that some cost-free pages on the Facebook  are as effective as gigantic media means that draw dozens of millions of dollars from the state treasury.

A video costing less than one dollar may go viral and have a greater effect on the public opinion than hundreds of nonsensical ‘talk shows’ and programs costing hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Authored by Eng. Nicholas Fayyad, Hamburg, Germany, Firil Studies Centre. Translated into English by Syrianfacts



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