The Origin of Peoples (5)-Khazars

We are still talking about ancient- contemporaryKhazars ..! We talked about them before their Judaism and during their Judaism and we stood at the Zionist historian “Arthur Koestler ” and his book “the thirteenth tribe” that refers to the Khazars who converted to Judaism, which is dangerous for the Jews as we mentioned.

Now we must go back with the Khazars to stand on the one who tore their empire into three sections; the Russian prince “Sviatoslav” who was the prince of (Kiev) when he confronted the armies of the Khazar empire in a group of wars ended with the escape of a section of this army to the Russian north after they threw their weapons,and another section who surrendered their weapons as well and went to Eastern Europe, while the third section escaped to the Lower Volga region and remained silent and under covered till the thirteenth century AD when they were conquered by the Mongols whose power began to grow and passed through Baghdad, the capital of the Abbasid caliphate.

When the Mongols conquered them, they fled to Russia and to Eastern Europe i.e. they followed to those who fled by the Russian prince, Sviatoslav.

In his book, Arthur Koestler, the Jewish Khazari researcher, confirmed that most Ashkenazic Jews, especially Eastern European Jews, were Khazars and confirmed by scientific research that the Eastern European Jews were the descendants of the Khazars who had converted to Judaism and fled because of Prince Sviatoslav.

The Jews didn’t like Koestler’s research as it took them from being Semitic to being Aryan, besides it abolished the cause or issue of the chosen people of God.

The Jewish power in Europe worked in more than one area to refute Koestler’s theory, a scientific power that falsified the scientific genetic research project, and a political power that focused on the Yiddish language spoken by the Jews now and claimed that it’s a different language from the Turkish Kazari or at least free of such a language, and used all the tricksit can use in the political and social aspects…

To be continued….

By: Dr. Ali al-Shoaibi


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