Daily Archives: Tuesday December 11th, 2018

Ottoman-Zionist Synchronization vs Syria’s Steadfastness

On the first centenary (hundredth anniversary) of the infamous Sykes-Picot agreement, US strategists  continue to ponder two main options to dismantle  current states, reconfigure the region and draw new political maps for the entire  orient under the title: “A stateless Arab Levant.” To do so, the US relied on two key alternative regional powers to inhibit and preempt any potential ...

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A Study Reveals that Earth is Swallowing Staggering Amounts of Water

A new study using seismographs across the Mariana Trench has found that certain zones on earth drag down staggering amounts of water as a result of tectonic activity. According to the new calculations, the water quantity amounts to 3 billion Tera grams every million years, with one teragram alone equaling a billion kilograms. In the new study published to the journal ...

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