International Sanctions

by Thierry Meyssan

On November 20, the US Department of Treasury  announced a new batch of unilateral sanctions against Syria. To justify such an act, they claim that these sanctions were not meant to punish the Syrian people but were rather meant to punish what they chose to call “ a criminal behavior”!! Such a description is often coined at convenience.

This is not just an economic measure. The Pentagon seems to be expanding its war on Syria to the economic sphere. Over the past few months, the Pentagon withdrew some of its troops from the region. Hence comes the question: “Was the United States,  over the past two decades, changing its  way of doing war by using economic warfare instead of the military force”? This question is important because the US sanctions target not only Syria, but also Iran and Russia as well. These are not economic measures, but – without any possible doubt – military actions implemented in the economic sector.

The explanations presented by the US Department of Treasury are too lame and too ridiculous. According to the US Secretary of Treasury Steven Mnuchin: “For the last four years, Iran has been supplying refined petrol to Syria in violation of previous unilateral US sanctions.

This petrol is transported by Western companies working for the Russian public company Promsyrioimport. This company is paid by the private Syrian company Global Vision Group, which is itself financed by the Iranian company Tabir Kish Medical and Pharmaceutical.”

He also claims that ‘the Global Vision Group transfers a part of the money it receives to Hezbollah and Hamas.’ Such fairy tales are fit only for grandma bed-time stories. Moreover, such a narrative poses more questions than providing answers, prompting the following questions:

  • Why has Daesh (ISIS) and the international coalition systematically bombed Syrian oil refineries into oblivion?

  • Why to implicate the Russian government in the transfer of oil from Iranian refineries to Syrian sea-ports?

  • Why would Iran suddenly need Syria to send money to Hizbollah and Hamas?

  • Why would Syria pay money to Hamas while this Palestinian organization is at war with Damascus?

The US sanctions were not decided by the United Nations Security Council, but by the United States alone.

They are illegal in international law because in order to make them lethal, Washington is attempting to force third-party states to associate themselves with the motion, which constitutes a threat to the states targeted and therefore a violation of the United Nations Charter.

The United States have the sovereign right to refuse to enter into commerce with other states, but not to exercise pressure on third-party states in order to harm their targets. Now the Pentagon is considering using detrimental treatment against a nation as a weapon of war like any other. Embargoes are designed to kill civilians.

For all these reasons, the UN Security Council remains the only international body entitled to take such decisions.

The source: Arabic.



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