Research into the origin of the peoples – Khazaria (6)

We are still talking about the Khazars who converted to Judaism. No matter how much space we dedicate to the talk about this folk might not be suffice, since they are now ruling the entire world one way or another.

Even the few  countries that are not under their control would not be left in peace. They would spare no effort to  harm such countries and/or to fragment them demographically and geographically.

To talk about Khazar Jews, one has to talk about all Jewish denominations.

Jews are divided into three main branches:  The first and most powerful community are the Ashkenazi. The Ashkenazi are Khazar Jews of Turkish-Khazar origin.

They converted to Judaism at will when their Empire was brought down by the Russians. Upon the downfall of their empire, as we have mentioned earlier, they have dispersed and many of them settled down in East Europe first then some of them moved into Western Europe. Once these Khazars moved into Western Europe, they were known as “Western Jews.”.

The second largest community are the Sephardi, who emigrated to the Balkan and Turkey after they were expelled, together with Arabs, from Andalusia in 1496. Some of them, however, settled down in North Africa (i.e. Arab Maghreb states mainly Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Libya).

The third group are the Mizrahi. This category of Jews encompass the Jews of  various oriental regions extending from Ethiopia to India, through Iran and Bukhara.

Jews of Yemen, Egypt, Iraq, Syria and Kurdistan are often identified as Sephardi.

Some of those who settled down in northern Iraq integrated with the Kurds and became Kurds since ancient times.

The Ashkenazi make up some 92 percent of world Jewry. Some Anti-Jewish statistics  put the figure at about 75 percent of world Jews.

Although incorrect, but the word Ashkenazi is commonly used in reference to “Western” Jews, while the word Sephardi is used to identify “Eastern” Jews.

Mizrahi means Middle Eastern.

The greater majority of Jewish world celebrities are Ashkenazi. There are many differences and sometimes even conflict between these various groups, especially in occupied Palestine. But all of them look down and disrespect Mizrahi Jews!!!.

To be continued…


Author: Dr. Ali al-Shoeibi.



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