Daily Archives: Saturday December 15th, 2018

Who is ‘Ahikar’ The Wise?

‘Ahikar’ was born in Kalhu, the capital of ancient Assyria. His name is composed of two words (Ah, Ikar) that means a generous man. ‘Ahikar’ means in the Aramaic language (The wise). He was known for his wit and good measure and his name was circulated widely in all countries to the extent that a famous story in the ancient ...

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Lions Remain Lions and Hyenas Remain Hyenas

A tiger accompanied his friend the lion to learn fishing. On their way, he noticed that hyenas were chasing them all the way. ‘Why are they watching us’, he said to the lion. But the lion gave no answer. The lion found his prey, so the hyenas started to roar loudly. ‘Why are hyenas roaring’, the tiger asked his friend ...

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