Lions Remain Lions and Hyenas Remain Hyenas

A tiger accompanied his friend the lion to learn fishing. On their way, he noticed that hyenas were chasing them all the way. ‘Why are they watching us’, he said to the lion. But the lion gave no answer. The lion found his prey, so the hyenas started to roar loudly. ‘Why are hyenas roaring’, the tiger asked his friend the lion.

Once again, the lion gave no answer. The lion attacked his prey and started to run. The tiger noticed that hyenas are running behind the lion, roaring loudly, but the lion ignored them until he picked up his prey and started to eat it.

The hyenas continued watching him until he finished eating and left. After which the hyenas came to eat the bones and leftovers. ‘Why did you ignore the hyenas all the time? I thought they will sneak up on you and kill you, the tiger astonishingly asked his friend the lion.

‘Do hyenas dare to attack lions?’ the lion said. Listen my friend, do not ever in your life pay attention to hyenas, all they can do is to roar and bark to deflect your attention away from your target, but they cannot take except what you leave for them as a generosity of you. Had I paid attention to the hyenas, I wouldn’t be a lion, nor would I be the only king of the forest.

The lesson: some people are like hyenas, they only know roaring and barking, trying to distract you from your target in this life. They will not be like you because they are too weak to be like you and they envy you…. Lions remain lions and hyenas remain hyenas.



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