Idleb, the world’s largest terrorist sleeping cell and more Turkish zeroes

When nations got gripped with fits of paranoia and psychopathy triggered by their delusional nostalgia to long-dead imperial ambitions, they ultimately descend into a state of total stupidity and would be able to  produce only stupid ideas and a stupid culture.

The Turkish epidemic features a mature state of Turanism-based national stupidity. It may look like any other delusional dreams had not been sohysterical, nervous and disconnected in its behavior towards Syria.

True that Ottoman Turanism, having invested all of its cunning guile in the first chapter of the Deal of the Century, namely the so-called “Arab Spring”,  has enjoyed a swift rise, as the Turkish have bargained everything and compromised everything in exchange for a potential return of the Ottoman Dynasty; but any sane person would now recognize that this deal has failed and been buried in Syria. Any sane person would also recognize that Syria, together with her allies have taken an irreversible decision to regain each and every inch of the Syrian territories occupied by Turkey and its proxies. Yet, the Turanism-based Turkish stupidity stubbornly continues to steer Turkey into a heavy-weight defeat and stubbornly proceed along the path of affirming a heavy-weight political stupidity, especially in the Syrian dossier.

The Russians are not so stupid to leave Idleb in Turkey’s hands for ever. In other words, Idleb would be the largest gigantic terrorist sleeping cell in the world. Moreover, Idleb’s proximity to the Humeimim base would put this highly significant base in permanent jeopardy, as it would be prone to constant terrorist threats. According to a trusted Russian source, Idleb and Humeimimcan notpeacefully co-exist as neighbors. Only one of them would remain, the other would have to go. Surely, Humeimim would not go anywhere.

Hence, one would wonder as to why hasTurkey launched such multiple attacks on northern Syria breaching thereby Sochi understandings, under the allegation that such attacks were the acts of maverick organizations.

The latest of these offenses was the poisonous gas attack waged on Aleppo civilian neighborhoods. It is not out of order to accuse Turkey of being either behind or of having at least encouraged such attacks, because all terrorists in northern Syria depend on the Turkish life-line.

These organizations are  closely linked to the Turkish womb and still survive within the Turkish intelligence placenta, which supplies them with their means of survival.  Just one cable from the office of HakkanFidan would be enough to put these organizations in check and under control. So, one wonder whether Turkey is trying to test Russia’s patience or whether it is trying to coerce Moscow into breaking off the Sochi agreement in order to move to another platform, or what?

Such provocations may prompt an urgent hastening of the Idleb battle. With the newest behind-the scenes US-Turkish deals worked out within the framework of  Khashoggi affair, Turkey is pinning  hope on a potential US role that would inhibit the Russian-Syrian moves. Washington might be vying to install Turkey in order to ensure its own stay in Eastern Syria. Or could it be that they are just escalating the situation in order to speed up  negotiations in order to snatch some Syrian-Russian commitments regarding the Kurdish question?

Anyway, the Turks  should understand that they are going to get out of Syria sooner rather than later. And they should keep in mind that their next headache would be the Eskandroun (a Syrian territory occupied by Turkey under the name of Hatay).

This issue has been revived and would not go away.

The Turks would not get any price for anything they might do. Turkey may contemplate  a new zero-sum equation, namely “Zero Price”. In other words, the time when Turkey used to promote the paradigm of “zero problems” was in fact a cover under which it used to bargain it for “zero friendships”.

Today, the stupidity of Turkish politics would compel it to consider a “zero price” equation as something so rewarding, because the only available alternative is to pay heavy prices for below the zero gains.

This is the kind of equations stupid people would walk out with because they never learn especially when they have a Turkish mind. We are on rendezvous with this mind in Idleb to teach it new zeroes it has never been familiar with in its crazy equations.

Authored in Arabic by Naram Sargon. Translated into English by Syrianfacts



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