The meaning of “Houris” is revealed by Syriac Aramaic

The issue of “Houris” is one of the major problems, or rather the “major calamity,” which people are puzzled to find a solution to, not because it is a metaphysical creature that non has ever seen before to tell us about it and end the matter at this point ..

but because it goes beyond that due to the number of people killed on the hands of the Takfiris who claim that they’ll  meet dozens and even thousands of nymphs in paradise after blowing themselves up.

And all this is to obtain the pleasure that they struggled to deprive themselves of them in this world, hoping for the equivalent in the “Hereafter” as they claim.

According to websites, Semitic,Syriac and Aramaic language scholars said that the Holy Quran contains thousands of Syriac words that show meanings quite different from what was written after Arabization and diction and the addition of glottal stop, and Houris is one example on that.

The word “Quran” is a Syriac word not Arabic, and it is derived from the Syriac word “Qaryana” which means the book of readings of the church, the name was borrowed from Syriac and given to Koran due to the similarity of function.

And because dotting and glottal stops weren’t used at the time of writing down the Koran , many verses lost their meaning, for example if you omit the dots the verse :”So; and We shall join them to fair women with beautiful, big, and lustrous eyes (Houris)” would mean we “gave them a rest” not “join them with” , also the word Houri with the  equivalent Arabic conjunction letter that means “with” would mean ” among the white vines” not ” nymphs”, and the last word in the verse “eyes” would refer to the ” eye of water” not the eye of a person , finally the meaning of the verse would be: we gave them some rest between the white grapes vines next to water, not marry them to lustrous eyed women.

·         Source: arabic.sputnik



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