Daily Archives: Saturday December 22nd, 2018

Battle of Thought (4)

The young people, with pride and admiration, perceive the outstanding Arab leader that has honorable stands in the battle of resisting the Zionist thought which seeks to destroy proud Syria, the only one that won a victory over eighty two countries moved by Zionism to achieve its targets, but to no avail. At last, the Syrian People of what representing ...

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Enemies of Syria getting their cards burnt

US forces in Syria are trapped between hostile powers, one mistake away from a possible outbreak of hostilities with Russia, Iran, Syrian Arab Army. The American troops and air power deployed to Iraq to fight ISIS, they  remain entangled there in a low-level guerrilla struggle, Major Danny Sjursen, a former US Army officer and strategist noted. Sjursen, who served in ...

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Stratfor Center: Russia and Iran will protect what has been achieved in Syria

US-based Stratfor Center for Intelligence and Geopolitical Studies expects Moscow and Iran to protect what has been achieved in Syria. Moscow will avoid an open conflict with Turkey, Washington and Tel Aviv, while Iran will take an offensive stance toward Washington and “Tel Aviv” and will provide support to Syria withthe participation of Moscow, and is expected to continue developing ...

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