Stratfor Center: Russia and Iran will protect what has been achieved in Syria

US-based Stratfor Center for Intelligence and Geopolitical Studies expects Moscow and Iran to protect what has been achieved in Syria. Moscow will avoid an open conflict with Turkey, Washington and Tel Aviv, while Iran will take an offensive stance toward Washington and “Tel Aviv” and will provide support to Syria withthe participation of Moscow, and is expected to continue developing its military capabilities within Syria to achieve deterrence against “Israel”.

While “Israel” will try to work to thwart this goal, but will accurately fear igniting an armed conflict with Russia.

On the next role of Turkey and the United States ;Stratfor believes that Ankara and Washington will continue to oppose President Bashar al-Assad, but each of them will implement an agenda of its own, besides, although Washington is announcing its policy of removing Iranian influence from Syria and this is part of its overall policy against Iran, this American policy will generate tension between Washington and

Moscow, because Moscow wants Iran to stay in Syria but a military clash between Moscow and Washington does not exceed the world of probabilities.

Finally,Stratfor believes that the possibility of a conflict involving the five parties is conceivable because Washington is supporting the militia of SDF, which it consider as a party that is fighting against ISIS and that could be used to end the Iranian presence; while Ankara consider SDFa presence that must be ended because it is damaging its interests with the Kurds of Turkey.



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