Enemies of Syria getting their cards burnt

US forces in Syria are trapped between hostile powers, one mistake away from a possible outbreak of hostilities with Russia, Iran, Syrian Arab Army.

The American troops and air power deployed to Iraq to fight ISIS, they  remain entangled there in a low-level guerrilla struggle, Major Danny Sjursen, a former US Army officer and strategist noted. Sjursen, who served in the Iraq war, wondered as why would the US Defense Department deploy yet more troops and increase the military budget year in year out if the set objectives are not being met and as the military face more and more difficulties.

It seems that this is what the US troops would face in north-eastern Syria. They are there in a flagrant violation of Syria’s sovereignty under the pretext of fighting ISIS terrorists with the support of some Syrian Kurdish leaders.

But these troops are now almost trapped within a hostile environment of more and more enemies. Once the remaining pockets of  ISIS are flushed out and the region is fully cleansed, US troops would have only a few Syrian Kurdish leaders to depend upon to maintain their

illegal presence in this area. The noose would continue to tighten and these US units would remain under an increasingly tightened siege with every progress being made by the Syrian Arab Army, Sjursen said, noting that time works in favor of each and every one supporting the Syrian Arab Army in Eastern Syria.  The writer TahseenHalabi concurs (with this analysis), saying that the US Administration is left only with two cards.

The first one, namely the card of “claiming that they were fighting ISIS”, is already burning. The remaining small pockets of this terror group are dwindling by the day and the territories they used to control are drastically shrinking.

The second card is the US support for some Syrian Kurds. But no sane person would hedge his bets on such a card because this force can not secure its survival in view of a local, regional and international balance shifting in favor of Syria and her allies.

Moreover, neither Erdogan nor Trump would be able to delay the Idleb restoration operation that would liberate the province from the terrorist organizations. Thus, the regional and the international balance of power would continue to tilt in favor of Syria.

And as has Washington lost the cards of the “ISIS game”, which was utilized against Syria, Erdogan has also lost the cards he tried to employ since the beginning of the crisis in Syria.  His attempts to play the card of the “Syrian Kurds danger” in the north is a mere scare-mongering ruse to serve the US presence in these territories.


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