If you dare you will regret?!

In a recent article, Abdel Bari Atwan wrote: The leadership of Hezbollah is following intensively the state of anxiety and terror experienced by the Israelis and is preparing to confront all possible scenarios, including the launching of an extensive aggression against Lebanon and Syria, besides, it produced a videotape in both Hebrew and Arabic addressed to the Israeli leadership and people under the title: O Zionists, if you dare, you will regret “…according to the writer,the most important concern for Netanyahu and his military leadership is the presence of special units of Hezbollah supported by units of the Syrian Arab Army and the Quds Force in preparation for the opening of Al Golan front, and it seems that the opening of this front is imminent after the return of the full sovereignty of the Syrian state on southern Syria following the defeat of the armed groups that controlled it and that were supported by America and Israel.

The writer stresses that it is difficult to predict the nature of any new Israeli aggression on Syria and Lebanon.

It was clear from the recent attack that “Israel” did not use the aircraft, and used only rockets, because of its fear of dropping them, ie, the aircraft, with S-300 missiles, so it is not excluded That “Netanyahu” wants to get authorization from the Americans to use the aircraft “F-35” which is more sophisticated and able to avoid this type of missiles in any new attack.

Using this type of aircraft is conditional on US approval, but its ability to avoid the fore-mentioned Russian missiles is not guaranteed. Even if these aircraft succeed in hitting their targets without intercepting, what the Israeli military does not take in consideration is the possible retaliatory attack by Hezbollah that might target important sites in the depth of the occupied Palestinian territories in a painful way.

Mr. Nasrallah, whom 80 percent of the Israelis believe him according to the latest polls, was accurate and sincere in his advice to the Zionists: “If you dare, you will regret.”

Will they take this advice, or will their leadership go to a new aggression to divert attention from its ordeal and its faied attack on southern Damascus ?


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