Trump’s Middle Eastern alliesmay end up bringing him down – Robert Fisk

If the Trump regime collapses, it will not be his frolics with the Russians which destroy it. Nor his corruption, nor his domestic lies. Nor his misogyny. Nor his anti-immigrant racism.

Nor his obvious mental instability, though this clearly connects him to his friends in the Arab world. The Middle East has already got its coils into the White House, Robert Fisk wrote in the British “The Independent” newspaper.

Trump is a friend of a highly dangerous state called Saudi Arabia, which will cause him a lot of harm, sooner rather than later.

He has adopted Israeli foreign policy as his own, including the ownership of Jerusalem and wholehearted support for Israel’s illegal colonisation of Palestinian Arab land.

He has torn up a solemn treaty with Iran. He has joined the Sunni side in its sectarian war with the Shias of the Middle East, in Iran, in Lebanon, in Syria, in Bahrain and, of course, in Saudi Arabia itself, Fisk said, pointing out the hazards of such policies.

Even when Mohammad bin Salman jailed many of his fellow princes and business colleagues in a luxury Riyadh hotel and kidnapped the

Lebanese prime minister, we smiled. Good chap, our MbS. Opening up the Saudi oil market, letting women drive. Our kind of guy.

Vain are our leaders in their failure to remember the entanglement of their fates with Middle Eastern history. The Suez war destroyed Anthony Eden.

The Iranian hostage crisis destroyed President Jimmy Carter. Iran-Gate almost did so for Ronald Reagan. George W Bush’s invasion of Iraq has besmirched his political reputation forever.The same goes for Tony Blair – although it is instructive to remember that it was Lebanon and Israel which caused Blair’s downfall.

His refusal to accept an early ceasefire during Israel’s war with Hezbollah in Lebanon (in 2006) after more than 1,000 civilians had been killed – in support of George W. Bush’s plan to give the Israelis more time to destroy Hezbollah – finally destroyed the Blair premiership.

There’s no reason why Donald Trump should be immune from the fate of so many of his predecessors. It’s no longer good enough to say merely: “Watch out.” We all do that by nature these days.

But the Arabs and Muslims who live in a territory which many of the American supporters call the holy land may well decide his future; after all, he thinks he can decide theirs. The world is indeed a vicious place – but the Middle East is its most treacherous, Fisk said.

The Source: Agencies.

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