Daily Archives: Wednesday December 26th, 2018

French researcher: Assad has won despite all the noise!

French researcher Henri Rabiqun wrote an article in La Parisien about the recent situation in Syria, revealing important information he said was from close sources in many Arab countries saying that what is happening now is a useless noise and that things in Syria are moving towards the total Syrian government’s control over the country. Rabiqun said that the situation ...

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The Syrian Professor who Saved Millions of Lives

The Syrian professor “Hunein John Maassab” who saved millions of lives, who is he? He was professor of Epidemiology known for developing the “Live attenuated influenza vaccine”. He was born in Damascus on June 11th 1926 and died on February 1st 2014 in the state of North Carolina at the age of 87. He had both Syrian and American citizenships. ...

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