French researcher: Assad has won despite all the noise!

French researcher Henri Rabiqun wrote an article in La Parisien about the recent situation in Syria, revealing important information he said was from close sources in many Arab countries saying that what is happening now is a useless noise and that things in Syria are moving towards the total Syrian government’s control over the country.

Rabiqun said that the situation under the shades is different from what is happening under the sun, as several European embassies will return to Syria in the coming months, as well as many Arab ones.

The writer also said that the situation in the east of the Euphrates is a huge regional agreement even with America because it is unreasonable that America would lose an ally as big as Ankara for the Kurds in the east of Syria, nor can the US make Turkey

leave NATO, nor could the Russian take Turkey to an ” Undeclared Warsaw” or to the regional (Iranian-Turkish-Russian-Syrian-Iraqi) extension front.

At this stage, things are built on the basis of interests and on drawing the final points in preparation for the big deals stage.


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