Daily Archives: Saturday December 29th, 2018

The reality of the Syrian constitution

By: Ali al-Shoaibi The talk about the Syrian constitution is what prevents world official media from ending the war in Syria. The proposed constitution can only be written by Syrian specialists on the Syrian society, while those who betrayed Syria cannot contribute to writing the Syrian constitution that is not suitable for sectarian and ethnic division,as it for the Syrians ...

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Europe: Causes may vary but death is the same?!

The writer “Nasser Kandil” sees that some scrutiny in the circumstances of crisis and its emergence in each of France, Britain and the US will guide us to the conclusion that they represent internal repercussions for the external failure of the imperial campaign led by the US, with the participation of France and Britain, since the fall of the Berlin ...

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Scientists Created a Logic Defying Material

Scientistscreated a logic-defying material that thickens as it stretches.The material is a liquid crystal that has yet to be given a name by scientists and is the first synthetic material known to behave this way.Scientists hope that it will have wide range of uses, including in body armor, architecture and medical equipment. The ‘auxetic’ stretching property, which is found in ...

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