Europe: Causes may vary but death is the same?!

The writer “Nasser Kandil” sees that some scrutiny in the circumstances of crisis and its emergence in each of France, Britain and the US will guide us to the conclusion that they represent internal repercussions for the external failure of the imperial campaign led by the US, with the participation of France and Britain, since the fall of the Berlin wall and the collapse of the Soviet Union, achieving successes in the European perspective of the international map with the war in Yugoslavia, but this has failed in its Asian version, which started since the arrival of neo-conservatives to the white house and the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Its failure has repeated in the soft war that intended at robbing Syria after the deception of the “Arab Spring” succeeded in Tunisia and Egypt.

Their man goal was to spread the influence of the Muslim Brotherhood over the region and expand the new Ottoman Empire as a parallel ally to the European Union to reach the borders of Russia and China under Islamic titles, hoping that the encirclement of Russia and China and the blockade of Iran will be ended to hold the energy market in a way that allows determining the conditions of exporting the Russian gas to Europe, and to prevent Iran from playing an active role in the Middle East, especially in relation to the security of “Israel” and the status of Saudi Arabia as two pillars of the concepts of politics, economy and security in the West Asia.

In the opinion of the writer, the US dream was to lead the world, and the British and French share was to obtain cheap gas and high competitive capacity with high-priced Chinese goods to compensate for the prices of joining the Eastern parts of Europe to the Soviet Union, and to also compensate for the prices of receiving waves of refugees heading towards Europe as a result of the US wars. But the big failure has taken place, where Russia stood once again as the strong and active player, China has emerged as an economic force that is about to prevail over the world, Iran has stood firm, the project of new Ottoman Empire has collapsed and its leader Turkey joined the Russian-Iranian alliance, where Saudi Arabia and “Israel” remained as the only allies of the US game that is endangering the European interests by causing unrest in the Middle East.

The inability to secure the Palestinian partner in the deal of the century, the Israeli inability to continue the role of the military claw on the borders of Syria, Gaza and Lebanon and the failure to achieve any progress in the war of Yemen, these were the signs of aging that plagued the Western camp and its Zionist ally in the region … The writer concludes.



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