Daily Archives: Saturday January 5th, 2019

A strategic failure with all what the word means

According to Rai Al-Youm, the military censorship of the occupation entity intervened and prevented the media from publishing about the missile attack on the Syrian sovereignty, “Israel” did not recognize its responsibility, and only quoted official Arab media, and this matter in itself raises many questions. What is remarkable here is that this same military censorship, which operates according to ...

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Washington Post:Trump’s decision to withdraw from Syria marks a win for Russia

The Washington Post reported that the conversation between Trump and Erdogan, which discussed the US withdrawal from Syria, was disastrous and paved the way for surrender. According to the Washington Post, Erdogan asked his US counterpart during their December 14 call, about the reason why Washington is still providing the Syrian Kurds with arms and support despite Trump’s declaration of ...

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