Washington Post:Trump’s decision to withdraw from Syria marks a win for Russia

The Washington Post reported that the conversation between Trump and Erdogan, which discussed the US withdrawal from Syria, was disastrous and paved the way for surrender.

According to the Washington Post, Erdogan asked his US counterpart during their December 14 call, about the reason why Washington is still providing the Syrian Kurds with arms and support despite Trump’s declaration of victory over the terrorists.

Trump responded by saying, “Listen, Syria is yours, I will leave.” The newspaper stresses that US Defense Secretary “James Matisse” resigned directly after the call.

The Washington Post stressed that Trump’s decision to withdraw troops from Syria had generated contradictory reactions within the United States and abroad, some pointed out that Trump had promised this and fulfilled his promise, as the withdrawal became for most members of Congress, “a real disaster and surrender to the forces that exist within Syria, Russia and Iran.”

While senior security sources in «Israel» considered the decision of the President of the United States as a (victory for President Bashar al-Assad), while military and intelligence institutions in the entity of occupation confirmed that this decision means that Trump «threw Israel under the wheels of the Russian train».

While the Israeli intelligence commentator “Ronen Brigman” said: It is not possible to “imagine the amount of anger and frustration that is currently plaguing senior Israeli army and intelligence leaders,” while the military analyst for Haaretz, “Amos Harel” quoted senior security sources in Tel Aviv, saying: In addition to the fact that Trump’s decision is a victory for President Bashar al-Assad, it effectively empties the Israeli demand to remove the Iranian forces from Syria from its content.

  • Source: Novosti


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