Harvest time! Syria is winning, America is leaving…!

It’s the circle of life which tells us that our enemy, and the enemy of humanity, is rushing to dig his grave with his own handswhile trying to unravel the collar of life around his neck..!

There is no doubt that Trump’s decision to implement the withdrawal from Syria is a clear crystallization of his strategic defeat in front of the axis of resistance and its Russian friend…! The American “Yankee” ,as the first and largest sponsor of the global war on Syria, has lost the war in the Syrian field and it is now fulfilling the conditions of defeat after a delay of about nine months because of internal conditions and obstacles in the US…!

Why does Trump announce this now suddenly and without a declaration, because he wants to use this paper inside the US to firsttell his voters that he is implementing his slogans one after the other all united by the slogan of «America first», second; he wants to show his political rivals and the deep state in particular that he is still the number one in America despite the strategic loss of country in the Syrian field, and he will use this in restoring the relationship with NATO goalkeeper Erdogan, and the latter will benefit from this to the maximum in blowing the Kurdish dream in the utopian federalism in Syria … !But the move itself carries important strategic dimensions that no one can deny. The repercussions will appear as follows:

  • The fall of the last schemes to weaken or drain the Syrian national state or fragmentation…!

  • Consolidating and strengthening the Iranian victory as a key element in the axis of resistance in the face of the Zionist entity by directing the subject of the Iranian presence in Syria out of the circle of regional and international skirmishes, which will make it an Arab confrontation state in the face of «Israel»…!

  • Strengthening the Russian player as the strongest international player if not the only internationally qualified to impose the conditions of defeat on international and regional players from the Syrian enemies’front…!

With this step, which the Americans “mighty of wars” tried to escape for month, and which Netanyahu, Ibn Salman and many others sought to avoid, with this step, the moment of bitter defeat came, and it’s about time now to harvest its fruit of victory to the axis of resistance, it is a point of qualitative transformation which shapes new equations that will draw the geography of victory on global arrogance and its local and regional tails…! We promise you that this is an advanced step on the road towards the liberation of Palestine, we are here, and we are alive!

By: Mohammad Sadeq Al-Hosseini,

  Al-Binaa Newspaper



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