A Zionist shock over the US pull out of Syria

To know how much the Zionists were shocked by the US decision to pull out of Syria, one would simply look at the statements made by Netanyahu.

He said that “Tel Aviv” would look into the repercussions of the UStroops withdrawal from Syria and would continue to work to maintain its ‘security’.

Meanwhile, some Zionist media outlets described this decision as a harsh blow that would enhance the roles of both Moscow and Tehran in the region.

The US withdrawal would limit the “Israeli” attempts to radically and systematically deal with Hizbollah.

Leaving the stage for Russia and Iran is a bad news for the Israelis, they said.

Moscow, meanwhile, saw that the move shows a US willingness to abide by international law.

France hopes that Trump would reverse his decision.

The Former Zionist Minister of “Security” Moshe Yaalon  said that the “security challenge” of the Iranian presence in Syria would be more difficult and more complicated to tackle after the US troops withdrawal. He said that they should seize the opportunity and pressure Washington into recognizing Israel’s “sovereignty” over the Golan Heights.

The Israeli Minister of Communications and Intelligence Affairs Katz praised what he termed “good luck” that Israel is not the “Kurds”. He expressed  anxiety over the removal of the buffer zone along the Syrian-Iraqi borders, saying that Trump has left Syria to  the Russian hegemony. And this is bad for “Israel”, he said.

Ha’aretz said that the “rash step taken by Trump is a spit in the face of ‘Israel’, which does not dare to admit it.” This decision gives Moscow full control, but basically sends a message to the Middle East: “Deal with your problems by yourselves.”



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