The worst timing for the Zionist entity

No one in Israel has any doubt that the hasty American exit, if not the paranoid, is taking place at the worst possible time.

It is far beyond the possibility that Israel will actually succeed in preventing Iranian establishment in the region.

According to Al Monitor newspaper, if it were possible, Netanyahu would have given one of his sharpest and most fiery speeches against President Donald Trump. It was the first time Netanyahu felt a hint of missing Trump’s predecessor, Obama.

The problem is that it’s not Obama, it’s Trump. Thus, all that Netanyahu could do is have a polite phone conversation with the president and announce that Israel will continue to act to ensure its security in Syria with American backing.”Until this week, Netanyahu enjoyed his ally Trump’s victory and arrival at the White House. Netanyahu had everything going for him: He got an American Embassy in Jerusalem, he got the Americans to pull out of the nuclear agreementwith Iran, and he greatly expanded the American diplomatic umbrella spread over most of Israel’s whims in all forums. But this week, Netanyahu paid the first installment on the price of the president’s unstable personality, uncontrolled impulsivity, and disordered and illogical policy.

Israel can’t believe this had happened, as in recent months, senior Israeli figures at various levels received repeated and varied affirmations and promises from Trump’s senior staff. Everyone spoke with the same language: The American presence in Syria is essential, there’s no intention of leaving Syria in the near future, and even if there is an exit, it won’t happen without America exacting a proper diplomatic price for its exit that would be tied to the effort to distance Iran from Syria and to safeguard the interests of Israel,This week, all of these promises expired with the thrust of a single presidential tweet. With them, several of the senior staff who made those promises expired as well like Defense Secretary James Mattis who announced his resignation.No one in Israel doubts that the hasty, not to say hurried, American exit is happening at the worst time one can imagine, Al Monitor concluded.



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