After losing its credibility because of its fake news about Syria.. Der Spiegel apologizes

The German magazine Der Spiegel devoted its front page to apologize for the stories invented by one of its prominent journalists, which included fabricated news about the crisis in Syria, describing it as a scandal and that it is “the worst thing that could happen to a journalistic editorial team”.

The magazine, which is one of the most widely circulated media in Germany, have confirmed that one of its prominent and international award-winning journalists was fabricating news and stories within his media on the crisis in Syria.

The journalist “Claas Relotius” was resigned after admitting he had fabricated interviews that never happened and was intentionally marketed among some articles.

The aforementioned journalist, who has been writing for the magazine for seven years, received earlier this month Journalist of the Year Award for a fraudulent article on the crisis in Syria.

The magazine confessed in an article by its editor-in-chief that the scandal is “one of the worst things that could happen to a journalistic editorial team”. The magazine, further, apologized for this mistake, undertaking to “do everything to enhance its credibility again”.

The German Federation of Journalists said that the case is the biggest scandal of reporting falsification ever since the diaries of Hitler, published by the German magazine STERN in 1983 which later has been found forged.

The French journalist “Pierre Le Corf” said earlier that Western media sided with the terrorist organizations while covering the crisis in Syria, adopting double standards based on the fabrication of news and changing facts, trying throughout the last years to legitimate these terrorist organizations and to cover up their crimes. Furthermore, the German journalist “Ains Lofer” in an article published by “The Rubicon” newspaper, indicated that the German government played a role in stoking the situation in Syria by financing and arming the terrorists, and that the false media propaganda, in which many of the German media participated has played a disastrous role in relation to the crisis in Syria.

Source: “jpnews-sy”



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