Daily Archives: Wednesday January 9th, 2019

The truth about the deal of the century

The whole world is talking about how the “Zionist” Saudi Kingdom has killed one of its oppositionist in its Consulate in Istanbul, the navies in politics think all these buzz is about Khashoggi who was sitting behind the Zionist spindle, but those who observed the emergence of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia knows that all this buzz dates back to ...

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Major Russian-Syrian Agreements for Rebuilding and Reconstruction

Vice president of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Padalko, declared that the Russian-Syrian government commission has approved the cases of using national currencies in various fields. He announced to the journalists: “as far as I know, we can say that the issues of mutual accounts, transport and logistics have been resolved”. Padalko indicated that ...

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Operation “Timber Sycamore” continues

Operation “Timber Sycamore”, initiated by President Barack Obama was privatized shortly before the election of President Donald Trump. It is now coordinated by the investment fund KKR (established by Henry Kravis and whose military activities are led by the former head of the CIA, General David Petraeus). “Timber Sycamore” is the largest arms trafficking operation in History. It involves at ...

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