Major Russian-Syrian Agreements for Rebuilding and Reconstruction

Vice president of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Padalko, declared that the Russian-Syrian government commission has approved the cases of using national currencies in various fields. He announced to the journalists: “as far as I know, we can say that the issues of mutual accounts, transport and logistics have been resolved”.

Padalko indicated that 100 Russian companies will participate in reconstructing  the Syrian Arab Republic, adding that “100 companies were selected from both Russian and Syrian sides, they include private companies and foreign trade companies that have sufficient fund to start working on joint projects”.

He said that both parties will agree upon the method of reconstructing Syria, and it is expected that the protocol to be signed consists of ten main trends, “we will come to a mutual understanding regarding all the vital issues, including construction, energy, health care and agriculture”.

Moreover, both parties have signed a trade agreement in the field of mining and hydrocarbon extraction in Syria.

Dr. Tareq Al Jawabra, Director of Cooperation with Europe and Strategic Partnerships in the Panning and International Cooperation Commission in Syria, mentioned to Sputnik news agency that the meetings of technical commissions included discussions that covered 20 memorandums of understanding in nine major sectors, where semi-final mutual agreements were reached regarding the sectors of milling, electricity, transport, energy and water resources.

On his part, Mikhail Bogdanov, Deputy Foreign Minister of Russia, asserted that the time is suitable to commence the process of reconstructing Syria.

He stated to the journalists, “We believe that the conditions are suitable to begin working hard to reconstruct the infrastructure and the economic structure that were destroyed because of the war on Syria during more than seven years”.

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