The truth about the deal of the century

The whole world is talking about how the “Zionist” Saudi Kingdom has killed one of its oppositionist in its Consulate in Istanbul, the navies in politics think all these buzz is about Khashoggi who was sitting behind the Zionist spindle, but those who observed the emergence of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia knows that all this buzz dates back to the time when the US President “Truman” summoned Abdul Aziz Al Saud and brought him on an American cruiser to Egypt and met him in a lake for more than six hours to tell him that they will gather the edges of the Arabian Peninsula to be under his authority and that they will now raise him from Sultan to King and that they are on their way to build the State of Israel and that the mission of his kingdom is to protect Israel from those who want to harm it from Palestinians and Arabs, and that  for this Europe and USA will stand by the Kingdom at any time and under any condition, Abdul Aziz Al Saud was also told that the Kingdom will be full of military bases and the Americans reminded him of his Jewish origin and that protecting the state of Israel is his religious obligation , and that this matter will remain for almost a hundred years in secret.

Then public support will begin after he has taken control of all the Gulf States. When the meeting was over and he returned to the kingdom, he used to say to his children whenever he saw them playing at the Royal Palace” play … Play … you children of Mordecai “- their grandfather who came from Iraq – and when the revolution of Qassam broke out in 1936 and almost succeeded in controlling  Palestine , Zionists asked Abdel Aziz  for help, thus he sent behind the leaders of the revolution to Jeddah, then hosted them in Mecca with a prolonged Umrah, all this to eliminate the revolution ,and when he finally hosted them in Riyadh the revolution ended and its leaders returned to Palestine, by that Abdel Aziz succeeded in his first Zionist test and the Americans strengthened his stature, When he died and his son Saud became the king, he was jealous of Sawt al-Arab radio station, and he tried to imitate it, but soon America sent behind him , and he was not received by the American president until he took off his Arab clothes.

In the meeting, the American president rebuked him a lot, reminding him that he is a Jewthat must protect Israel and then they ended his rule and assigned Faisal, who wrote an extensive article in the Washington Post in which he reminded the world of his Jewish origin, but when the 1973 war started, Faisal tried to show a so called “Arabic” heroism, and so the Americans sent someone to kill him.

We all know about Khashoggi’s visit to Israel, it seems that despite his dirty hands he found something about the truth of Saud’s truth, thus he started writing in the Washington Post, and when Trump came to presidency, deal of the century came out to public, in fact this deal was never about Palestine, it was always about getting a public recognition of Israel from the Gulf States especially Saudi Kingdom.

This is the deal of the century and some Arab African countries will accept it, and the case of Palestine is only an outcome.

What followed the killing of Khashoggi from a global noise has covered the Israeli visits to the Gulf States and made them appear normal as the whole world is busy with the issue of killing the journalist.

The world has shown that it is necessary to pay the price to silence the world public opinion, the 18 million dollars that KSA paid recently were not enough, as Trump announced under the pressure of Congress that Ibn Salman will pay the bill, and it was the first time  in the history of American presidents a president declares that without Saudi Arabia the state of Israel would have remained a dream…and when pressure grewbigger, they sent behind Prince Ahmad bin Abdul Aziz, and told him to keep his support and to make it public, besides to tell Ibn Salman to pay the rest of the bill.


By: Dr. Ali al-Shoaibi



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