Where is the Syrian opposition?? Has it gone with the wind??

By: Naram Sargon

No matter how the actor fits into the role of heroism, he cannot be that hero. Especially when he embodies the life story of a real hero, wears his clothes, says his words, his poetry or his speeches, but once the filming ends, and once he takes off the knight’s clothes and give back the scepter and sword, he returns to his reality.

In the years of the Arab Spring, we were watching the acts of an actor, who played the role of a knight from the future named “Syrian opposition” that was supposed to take down all the knights in the region…where’s is he now that knight in the shining armor?

Where did it disappear and evaporate? Especially that it was infected with diarrhea of statements, threats, rejection and stubbornness? Is it still present? Is it in the shades? Or did it get lost in this vast world??Since the Arab opposition began their project of cooperation with colonialism, I was sure that I would not listen to their speeches, which were only an echo of what is being said in the international intelligence chambers. Today we miss the drums of the Syrian opposition, which was banging loudly and hiding behind them the sounds of western opera of Arab Spring; the opera of death and horror. The Americans have announced their intention to leave Syria and the world has not sat down… But I did not hear a single emergency meeting of the “Revolutionary Committee” or the opposition bodies to develop a plan to replace the Americans in the “liberated” areas… not a single statement was issued to clarify the “revolution’s position” of the Kurdish Turkish debate as if the land is not Syrian, but Turkish…theSyrian opposition has evaporated, and its heroes are missed or maybe in a coma…Or maybe they are on a journey to search for foreign intervention maybe they have arrived to the South Pole to ask penguins for help in their revolution after the whole world failed them… Where is Kilo, Galion, Khatib,Muhseni, Arifi, Gulani, Ar’or, Qdmani and Atassi ??Where are all of them??

Have the cats eaten their tongues? Or have they sold East Euphrates to Turkey like Galion and the secular opposition who sold the Golan to Netanyahu. Just like al-Shukfeh sold Iskenderun to Erdogan, it seems that he sold East Euphrates to him as long as it is a custom. In fact, the opposition didn’t shut up; it is only busy with something else…they are busy with cursing Trump and making prophecies of America’s destruction because Trump is leading it to destruction and doom, as the only way to save the greatness of America is for the Americans to continue their occupation of Syria and their siege of Iran and Hezbollah and the East, just to tease Al-Assad.

In their opinion, America did not fall because of giving Jerusalem to the Israelis as the capital of the Jewish state… But because Trump is leaving Syria, thus leaving the opposition and Israel for their fate…we don’t want to rejoice at the misfortune of this “opposition” we only want them to leave in their exile in grief until they turn into mummies and their grudges turn into stones that people pass by… just like the old stories which turned into Greek, Canaanite and Babylonian legends that spoke about the braves , the knights , the cowards and the traitors who fought the braves ,stabbed them and poisoned them then became tales told by generations in the form of myth ,or stones that were once flesh and blood but angry gods turned them into evil creatures like bulls, monsters or wild pigs…Go back to all the legends of Canaan, Greece and Babylon…

And you will find that these myths were historical conflicts that wore the clothes of stories… And this opposition will also be turned by stories into ugly birds, stones and bulls… Or into strange animals with dense hair and long horns or maybe a demon that will be stoned with pebbles in the seasons of Hajj…



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