What is Bred-in-the-bone will come out in the Flesh

By ” Ali Al-Shouabi” – Damascus

What is meant by “what is bred-in-the-bone will come out in the flesh?” Why do free people describe every traitor by this phrase?When a Syrian patriot hears a story or news of treason, you see him remain silent for a moment, thinking about the origin of that traitor, then he would say, “what is bred-in-the-bone will come out in the flesh!”when he eagerly searches for the grandfather of that traitor and the information that the old people know about him, he soon would say: “His grandfather was an agent of the Ottomans or the French against his compatriots.

Treason does not sprout except treason. Treason does not sprout innocent people or nationalists, who you see them day and night follow the news of the army and its movements as fighting liberation battles.

Traitors do not shed virtuous tears for what happened in this precious country. They follow the genes of betrayal they inherited from their ancestors and fathers. In the history of the world, we find such people and history tells us about how Napoleon refused to shake hands with the Austrian officer who betrayed his country and facilitated Napoleon’s occupation of Austria.

When that officer came to receive the handful of gold for which he betrayed his country and shake hands with Napoleon, Napoleon refused to shake hands with him and said his famous phrase: “I do not shake hands with those who betrayed their country.”

In contrast to Napoleon, Netanyahu shook hands with some traitors, provided them with weapons and money and treated them.

They were about twenty terrorist groups who were killed by our army, which has the great faith in preserving the homeland and cleansing the South of them.

Our army will do so in the North, and Idlib will be cleansed of the strangers and traitors who facilitated the entry of those strangers. The messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) has spoken the truth when said, “Marry into a good tribe for verily what is bred-in-the-bone will come out in the flesh.”

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