The man who raised the Syrian flag over the summit of Mount Hermon is a victim of the so called rebels

I, martyr “Naeem Matanious Mawrani”, from Masyaf- Ayn Halaqim village; known as the man who raised the Syrian flag over the summit of Mount Hermon, will tell you about myself: you have all seen me on Syrian TV when it broadcasts footages about October War.

Do you remember watching the soldier who raises the Syrian flag on Mount Hermon?! I am that soldier who brought happiness and pride to the hearts of every Syrian, Arab, Muslim, Christian and free man in the world who refuses occupation.

During October War in 1973, my fellow officer “Nayef Al Akel” and I, were the ones who executed the operation of parachute landing on mount Hermon, where we managed to kill 30 Israeli soldiers and capture another 31.

Yes me people, I have been on the wanted list of Israeli Mossad, Shin Bet and Aman ever since then (to be precise, the Israeli intelligence agencies were competing to get to me and gain the glory of killing the man who humiliated Israel and soiled its name).

All their attempts have failed simply because I was with my people and family and under the protection of my homeland, so I had no reason to feel afraid as they have no way to get me.

This lasted until their filthy revolution emerged, where the traitor agents targeted me killed me in the first bombing attack of their Zionist revolution in Damascus- kafr Sousa.

On that day, the so called rebels; the Mossad agents, provided a free service to their Zionist masters. Have you ever seen a revolution that assassinates the heroes, scientists and leading figures of its homeland?

Yes, you have all seen the revolution of Hassan Al-Banna’s successors and how it destroys the homeland and targets its figures and source of pride to win the favor of Golda Meir so her bones can rest in her grave.


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