Aggression is the characterand nature of US policy

By Dr. Ahmad Al Haj Ali

All the calamities and disasters suffered by the people of the world are channeled through the USA, and they even emerge from it loaded with threats, weapons of destruction and a tyrannical desire to destroy the civilizations, plunder the wealth of the world and spread death and seditions whenever the US find a way to do so.

Indeed, the pleasure of the US lies in achieving such objectives to the extent that it became justified for the thinkers, philosophers and writers to use this title which states that aggression and terrorism are the habit and nature of the US policy.

When we study this aspect thoroughly, we find that this “American” behavior is attributed to the roots of establishing, founding and creating the US, as its people came from all over Europe bearing the complex of guilt and complex of blood that emerged in Europe by the end of the Eighteenth century.

The emergence of the US was accompanied by a psychological approach that pushes towards the temptations of money and gold which can be acquired by killing the others with cruelty unprecedented in old or middle Ages.

For these reasons, the Americans destroyed dozens of civilizations in the modern age and exterminated millions of Red Indians; their heinous crime reached the extent of using the scalps of native people as a currency to trade goods and buy commodities.

Their principles of education and culture had to be based on material benefit, adventures and working away from history and inherited teachings.

The first actions of this state were the US civil war between the North and the South andrebelling against the English root, through which many came to the new world.

The US and its policy grew based on this concept, as it spread its experiments in Vietnam and Korea and expressed its new purpose by attacking Japan with nuclear bombs in 1945 at the moment when the Emperor of Japan was signing the instrument of surrender during WWII.

The features of this state became clear in the light of the unified military production, industrial capital and production capacity of the political projects designed to dominate the world with the Arab World at its core.

Thus, the emergence and education in the US policy reached an extent in which it became an organic part of the Zionist enemy and an organic enemy of the Arab and their cases.

These two aspect overlapped right down to the current stage we currently witness, which is characterized by the trends of Washington aimed at tearing the Arab World apart and blurring the features of Palestine.

Consequently, as historical complexes emerged in the US since the wars of South-East Asia, this complex has also appeared against Syria since the fifties of the past century and now it has took its final form manifested in the framework of structural integration between Washington and terrorism and the adoption of this behavioral approach that is based on false claims, fabrications, deliberate falsification and investing the power of weapons and madness of values to invade the lands of others like the case of Syria.

Through thee painful experience with the US and the even more painful Arab betrayals, in addition to what the reality tells us, we can see that the US can not survive without aggression.

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