Opening the hidden box of north-east Euphrates

By: Dr. Ali al-Shoaibi

Who reads this title may wonder what hidden box is that? I will enter the subject that I see from my point of view as a man who belongs to that region first ,and live his eighth decade and gain experience and his hobby lies in the knowledge of men and tribal origins second; the first item in this box is that the number of our Kurdish brothers in that region does not exceed ten percent, but they are smart, as during the days of writing the civil register, they brought all whom they knew from Iraq and from Turkey to increase their numbers.

But their presence on the ground has revealed the small number of their men, besides their recruitment of female fighters alongside men to cover the many positions they occupy from Al Hasakah east to Manbaj west.

The second item in this box is how some national tribal figures went out the national line due to ambitions they wanted to achieve but did not, they are much known for their flying outside the Arab flock and sending many Arabs to help the Kurds.

Many times while writing this article, I thought of mentioning the name of this person as a model, but my respect for my country and my hope of him returning to the bosom of the homeland forbid me to mention his name, but still I can say that at a moment of weakness he forgot the Arab proverb that says: “I and my cousin are against the stranger”.

and wanted to avenge his cousin by using the homeland! So he betrayed his land and for the first time in forever the proverb was upside down as he and the stranger were against his cousin and his homeland! This man once thought that tribalism will replace nationalism; he even convinced himself that this is the truth,and then step by step he lost his Arab gallantry and replaces it with western betrayal till he started selling his country in exchange of few dollars, a liter of scotch and some cheap prostitute, and held a grudge against the soil of the country before its men, to the extent that if you searched for a tiny particle of ethics in him you wouldn’t find it.

And his son is a traitor like him who attacked the security detachments in al-Yarabiya in 2012 and 2013, and asked for the help of enemies of the country and the traitors of Arabism in taming some people, beside the betrayal of Hamidi al-Hadiwho got involved with the Americans and the Kurds and encouraged them to put forward the idea of federalism on the condition that he would be the president of a region and made them agree on that.

Not only that, they also provided him with weapons. He stated that 3,000 soldiers were guarding him in his village near al-Hasaka.

He neverperformed any activity that may refer to a little bit of bravery or gallantrythat he could have inherited from his father, DahamHadi.

His insult to the Kurds was stronger than his insult to the Arabs, as he incited them to fight in exchange for what we have mentioned before; he even brought them some Shammari tribesmen to help them fight the Syrian Arab Army.

There are talks among the Kurds now about getting rid of this person and his burden, they are even thinking about assassinating him as he incite the Kurdish leadership to rebel every time they reach a sort of understanding with the Syrian state.

And because generalization is the language of the fools, we must admit that there are two Syrian Arab national Shammari personas:”KhaledAjil” and Abu Yasser, “RaadMayzer” who live the center of the city of Qamishli.

This is a part of what is hidden about that malignant that did not inherit from his late father DahamHadianything of patriotism.

He is behind every Kurdish retreat from the bosom of the homeland, but they are starting to realize that he is selling them with a bunch of dollars, a bottle of whiskey and a prostitute, as he sold the homeland.

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