Inventing the smartest electronic drug capsule

A group of scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology invented the smartest electronic drug capsule, able to determine the dosage of the drug by itself and diagnose the patient’s condition. It can also be controlled by a smartphone.
The researchers believe that the electronic capsule indeed represents the foreseeable future of modern medicine, thanks to its three-dimensional class printing technology.

This technique allows the converted structure of a capsule, which can be secreted and the capsule is released from the body after 36 days.

According to innovators, the use of the electronic capsule helps monitor the body’s condition and determine the dose needed.

The capsule is equipped with sensors to measure body temperature and transfer all information to the smartphone via Bluetooth.

This capsule is very useful for patients undergoing chemotherapy and those at risk of contagious diseases because it remains in the body for a long time and can produce the necessary dose immediately after the appearance of the first symptoms of infection.

Source “Medic Forum’


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