By: “Thierry Meyssan”

Syria was transformed into a battleground for nations from all over the world. It was where the United States and Russia faced off.

On December 20, 2018, Washington decided to withdraw without compensation.This date will be remembered in the history of the world as the most important since December,26, 1991 (the dissolution of the USSR). For 27 years, the world was unipolar.

The United States was then the world’s most major economic and military power, and the sole master of events.

Three years ago, overtaken by China, the US lost its economic status. Next it lost to Russia its status as the primary conventional military power.

The Americans have now lost that of the first nuclear military power, faced with Russian hypersonic weapons.

President Trump and General Mattis have kept their promise to abandon US support for the jihadists, as well as the promise to withdraw their troops from combat zones in both Syria and Afghanistan. However, for Mattis, the end of the anti-Daesh Coalition uniting 73 nations around the United States prefigures the dissolution of NATO.

As a soldier, he cannot accept the risk of being deprived of alliances. On the contrary, President Trump states that the fall of the United States does not allow them to wage war, whatever it might be.

According to him, it is impossible for the USA to continue to command the allied forces, and to stabilize the US economy at the same time.

President Trump’s decision was carefully thought out. It was taken in the wake of  a visit to Damascus by Russian Vice-President Yuri Borisov, who is his country’s director of the military-industrial complex.

To that purpose, he enjoys a special budget which escapes from any Western control and does not appear in the state’s official budget. It takes into account the conditions for reconstruction and the coming economic relations, only in rubles and from a special bank which does not recognize the dollar.This decision also follows the journey to Damascus by an Arab head of state – President Omar el-Bashir of the Sudan.

As soon as he had informed President Trump of his meeting with President Bashar al-Assad, the announcement of the US military withdrawal was made.The deal of the century, is still officially unannounced, although work on its implementation has already started.

Hamas no longer fights Israel/ It is now financed by them, via Qatar. The Hashemite Monarchy will have to accept ruling over the Palestinians at the risk of being overthrown by them.

Within the next few years, the Apartheid régime of Tel-Aviv will probably experience the same destiny as that of Pretoria.

The world is not evolving the way we thought – from a unipolar system to a multipolar system. Of course, there will still exist the side of the Eurasian Russo-Chinese Union, but there is no longer any West.

Suddenly, every member state of NATO will retrieve its independence. It is probable that some of these states will take initiatives, certain that they know what they have to do.

It is even possible that they will wage wars against one another.

Everything that we have learned about the world is finished. A new era is beginning.


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