The current debate on the next constitution

By: Dr. Khaled Al-Matroud

In the beginning, the war was on Syria in its different forms and its various tools. But when all the bets fell, Syria’s enemies began looking for a way out to save their face and to partially achieve what they were unable to do in the direct war of different forms and tools.

Thus was the issue of the Constitution and suggestions which accompanied the changes in the field after the army settled matters for his benefit on the ground…

then the voices of some people abroad and the need for a new constitution for Syria got loud … And the talk began in international and regional forums ..

As if the current constitution does not meet the needs of citizens… It is worth noting that the Syrian constitution contains the best standards against the constitutions of the States of the region …

But let us stand a little and wonder about the real backgrounds for the development of a talk about new constitution… To prove the following:

1) After failing in getting what they want by war, conspiracies and terrorism; Syria’s enemies are trying to get that by the new constitution.

2) The mere introduction of a new constitution means a change in its substance because of the great pressure exercised by Syria’s enemies (and this of course will not happen)

3)The current constitution is 6 years old (approved in 2012), and is therefore still young. It contains all that the people have defended throughout this war and in this way it was provided by great sacrifices.

4) Is it reasonable to believe that what Syria’s enemies could not take in terrorism and destruction can be given to them by the Syrian people at the negotiating table on a constitution or other proposals

5) Any call to discuss the current constitution works according to the national priorities of the Syrian People as the Constants are fixed, the identity is clear and the options are national; so there can be no significant amendment in any future constitution.

6)The battle is now a battle for the victory of Syria’s people, army and leadership and how to spend this great victory internally, regionally and internationally. The constitution will remain the preserver of Syria’s identity, its choices, its location and its affiliation. All the proposals and draft constitutions published here or there are of no value if they are interfering with the national constants of Syria.

7) Any constitution placed for Syria will be placed directly by the Syrian people without the tutelage of anyone and will be discussed on the Syrian territory, and anyone who wants to return to Syria, whether states or individuals, must recognize the victory of the Syrian state as a people, army and leader. The winner set the rules not vice versa.

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