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Dr. Khaled Al-Ouff, a Specialist in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, has obtained a patent for his device, which allows for the self-construction of bilateral mandibular bone. This enables healing the patients who have lost part or all of their lower jaw due to superficial or pathological injuries.

Al-Ouff pointed out that the cost of the device does not exceed (100) thousand Syrian pounds, while doctors are now forced to import a unilateral device costing more than (4) thousandEuros.

The invention came after a seven-year effort to develop the technology and the device. The oral and maxillofacial surgeon said that the idea of self-construction of bone is similar to the technique of fracture management.

This is the formation of two adjacent bone surfaces, where theplasmodia cells in the blood within the contact area develop into osteoblastic cells that help build bone loss.

Al-Ouff added that this technique helps in building bone affected by war injury, accident, the eradication of tumors or others at the rate of (1) mm every 24 hours.

He indicated that the device is internally installed and has right and left sides and (3) measurements that are suitable for different conditions and ages and maintain the shape of the face and jaw.

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