The flying horse

A king sentenced two persons to death for a felony committed by them, setting the date of implementation of the sentence one month after the date of issuance.

One of them was passive, slavish and desperate, stuck to one corner of the prison, crying and waiting the day of execution.

While the other was clever and brilliant, thinking of a way that might save him or, at least, keep him alive for a longer time. One night, he was thinking about the Sultan, his mood, what he loves and what he hates.

Suddenly, he remembered the sultan’s extreme love to his horse, where he used to spend most of his time in the company of this horse, so he came upon a dangerous idea.

He called for the jailer saying he wants to see the king for a serious matter.

The king agreed to see him and asked him about this serious matter. “I can teach your horse to fly within one year, provided that my execution is postponed for one year”, the prisoner said.

The king approved, imagining himself riding the only flying horse in the world.

The other prisoner was very surprised when he heard about the news, and said to him: you know that horses cannot fly, how dare you to raise such crazy idea?!

The clever prisoner said to him: I know this, but I gave myself four possible chances for freedom: the first- the king should die within this year, second- maybe I am dying, and the death in the bed is more precious than being executed, third- the horse maybe dead, fourth- I might teach the horse how to fly.

Whenever you face a problem, do not give up, despair and cave in a single solution. Think seriously; try to find dozens of solutions.

Perhaps, in one of them, success and excellence will emerge.

Try, you will not lose anything.



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