This is what Russians say about Syria

By: Nabih al-Burji

Without us, the Middle East would have been in ruins. From the beginning, we told them that dismembering or exploding Syria would dismember and explode the entire region (ocean).

But no one was  prepared to listen.

Neither the Saudis, the Qataris, the Turks nor even the Europeans would listen. Now things have changed.

There are some who are prepared to listen to us. They approach us with questions and resort to us.” This is what a fellow colleague of ours living in Moscow for a long time relays to us quoting high-ranking officials at the Russian Foreign Ministry.

He quotes them as saying: “The American Tsunami is longer imposing its life-style on the entire world. There is an American religion with own rituals and Prophets working to market its “sacred” policies, its “sacred” strategies and its “sacred” commodities.”

If other (non-American) demising religions that lost any effective role had earlier preached for reward and punishment, the US Treasury has no room for anything other than punishments and sanctions. In reality, the majority of Muslims do not pray in the direction of   the Kaaba in Meccabut rather towards the White House!!

Out of ideological or strategic backgrounds, the Israelis  used to believe that wiping Syria off the map and reducing Damascus into rubble would secure them a peaceful life for thousands of years, Russian Foreign Ministry sources reportedly disclosed.

In the beginning, our talk with Israeli leaders was like talking to dumb walls. The picture has changed now. We often warned them against the catastrophic repercussions of chaos in Syria.

We warned them against the hazardous risk of allowing head-choppers to take over authority in Syria. We even warned them against the consequences of  having the Turkish Army deployed up to their borders.

They used to astoundingly retort by talking about the Bolshoi theatre and tell us how much the Israelis, who have been enchanted with the Western culture, are now fans of  Tchaikovsky music and symphonies and are more and more attracted to the Cossacks songs,” sources close to the Russian Foreign Ministry relayed.

Syria, in their opinion, has been subject to the ugliest, dirtiest  and most gruesome war ever known in the history of mankind.

Had the hundreds of billions of dollars spent on this war to cause death and destruction been otherwise spent on pro-life investments and modernization, we would have now been witnessing a Syrian Phenomenon.

We used to get reports about the Industrial cycle in Aleppo, which stores a lot of good memories about the Silk Road.

Some of our experts were seeing a sort of a Japanese frenzy in the city. At some points, we have been extremely wary about having a military presence in Syria.

How to tackle all these kinds of beastly wolves? All factions without any exception were acting at the orders of operations rooms based abroad.

The Syrian state means a lot to us, for sure. Syria is an old strategic friend. The greater majority of Syrian military officers speak Russian and have no bond whatsoever with the American or European military culture.

They admittedly boast the internal resilience of the established system in Syria. In spite of  the colossal temptations offered to them, there were only few defections in the military establishment. The officers who appeared on TV stations were either suffering some sort of  psychiatric disorders or have fallen to the temptation of money and authority.

Even in the political establishments, the defections were minimal. Riad Hijab is a person the least to say about him is that he is paltry with no significance, no value and no meaning at all.

The diplomatic corp., whose members were supposed to be the most prone to all sorts of temptations, have amazed us with their solidness.

Equally so was the situation for the security establishment, which has played a pivotal role in setting the internal rhythm at one of the hardest and most complicated times.”

According to our colleague, in the Russian Foreign Ministry there is a high admiration about the plans set by the Russian military leadership.

He quotes them as saying: “Our planes have carried out amazing operations. The factions state-sponsors had laid down meticulous scenarios to attack Damascus. The planes have systematically destroyed all logistical networks so that the forces stationed at the outskirts of the city and even inside their pockets within the city, were totally isolated and disconnected from their supply lines.

Unmatched praise is due to the Syrian Arab Army for their extraordinary performance. The Syrian Army was fighting  in impossible conditions and on hundreds of fronts. Amazing also were Hezbollah fighters who outdone the Vietcong in what can be called “crazy battles” and in areas they have never set a foot in.

The hands that have been in charge of running the operations have dispersed into oblivion. Shortly, not only the Saudi Embassy would re-open in Damascus.

The US, the Turkish and the European Embassies all will be back in Damascus, In their opinion, Erdogan is playing in his last quarter.

If he failed to dismantle the factions in Idleb, the Syrian Army will inevitably enter it militarily with a striking Russian backing and support.

He has been notified of this. He was also notified that there is no room for bargaining on the Syrian land.

In other words, any approach to the Kurdish complex would take place only with full coordination with the Syrian leadership.

The significance of Trump is that he plays only in the open. He has not only dispersed the US allies but has also alerted them to the urgent need to seek another way.

Even Macron (of France) has called for the formation of a European Army to counter even the United States.

They describe the Syrian opposition as “the diaspora”. Surely we support the initiation of structural reforms, but under the leadership of President Assad.

Every one has taken note of this.

Translated into English by (Syrianfacts)

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