Daily Archives: Thursday January 31st, 2019

Terrorism and the Migrant Functions To the Added Factors

By: Dr. Ahmad Alhaj Ali Each stage of the aggression against Syria acquires its unique characteristics without detachment or clash with the main axis which originally planned at the heart of this conspiracy against Syria. It seems that the main target of this is represented by keeping terrorism, even by just its current scraps in the Syrian geography as to ...

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“Ernest Renan” and the partners that fought over the prey

Syria is the greatest victoriousover the regional and international aggression in the third millennium. It does not need a certificate in Arabism from anyone, especially from the oil nomads. This came in an article by the Lebanese writer FaysalJaloul. It does not need a Syriac interpretation of its victory neither it needs a restoration of the racist orientalists’ thesis; Syria ...

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