“Ernest Renan” and the partners that fought over the prey

Syria is the greatest victoriousover the regional and international aggression in the third millennium. It does not need a certificate in Arabism from anyone, especially from the oil nomads.

This came in an article by the Lebanese writer FaysalJaloul.

It does not need a Syriac interpretation of its victory neither it needs a restoration of the racist orientalists’ thesis; Syria has won because of its pluralistic society and its pluralistic allies.

The author stands in the position of the critic of the propaganda apparatuses of Al-Jazeera, which widely publish the hypothesis that Syria’s victory over international aggression is not an Arab victory, but rather Assyrian, Chaldean and Syriac, and that there is no Arab in Syria but rather “Arabized”, and that authentic Arab men live in the society of “oil’s nomads” and not in Arabized regions.

The writer reminds us of the racist orientalist “Ernest Renan”, whose ideas come back from time to time whenever our Arab region witnesses conflicts that overlap local, regional and international, as is the case of Syria.

If one of the Lebanese villages that is proud of Ernest Renan has erected a statue of him and honored him a few years ago, the writer is not surprised that the intelligence services in the Arabian Peninsula are promoting his ideas to confirm the claim that the Levant is Syriac and that its Arabs are colonists who must return Where they came from.

According to the writer, the oil’s nomads claim that the Arabs of the Levant are Arabized and not authentic Arabs,doesn’t align with the historical sequence of the Arabs, which are divided into three sections: the Extinct Arabs(Aad and Thamud), pure Arabs( who came from Yemen) and Adnani Arabs (residents of the north of the Arabian Peninsula),in this case, the Arabs of the Levant, who were displaced from Yemen before Islam and after the destruction of the Marib Dam, are the pure Arabs.The writer also warns of a movement that is still limited in Syria, in line with the above racist ideas.

Did not we see on the TV stations fatwas from the Arabian Peninsula belonging to the Middle Ages and “religious” men wearing the clothes of the heroes of the film “Al Resalah” and using its decorations to slaughter Syrian citizens and impose a particular doctrine in the regions of their control? Didn’t we see their companions insulting the Azzids and Christians in Iraq?

This convergence between the past and the present by a margin of more than (1400) seemed tempting, and with it seemed acceptable to get out of the Arab narrative of the Levant, and therefore there are no obstacles in the face of the racist thesis of Ernest Renan; the real partner of Hamad Bin Jassim who said that he and his brothers in the Arabian Peninsula wanted to hunt Syria but they lost it while fighting over it,the truth is that they never lost Syria, but rather it won as a central state that is victorious on every level …



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