Terrorism and the Migrant Functions To the Added Factors

By: Dr. Ahmad Alhaj Ali

Each stage of the aggression against Syria acquires its unique characteristics without detachment or clash with the main axis which originally planned at the heart of this conspiracy against Syria.

It seems that the main target of this is represented by keeping terrorism, even by just its current scraps in the Syrian geography as to confirm that the terroristic project still maintains all its power and effectiveness.

This method requires, at the present moment, military and political patterns of behaviors in the field of conflict.

The US, the Zionist entity, the Turkish regime and the traitors of the Gulf region are all endangered either by the apparent defeat or through retreat and recede.

Now the situation needs the list of factors added to the conflict in order to improve the performance of the aggressors, if a way is found towards that end. At the heart of these factors, three main axes come clear gathering and organizing the all-kinds hostile attitude towards Syria.

The first axis is the pursuit without any maneuvers to revive the terrorism movement in the way they are grouped; reproduced or modified in the areasthey have been entrenched. The US capabilities in respect to transportation, monitoring and armament are heavily available at the service of the scraps of terrorists. On the second axis, we follow this new movement by trying to find the common factors among all terrorism forces.

Where it is aimed to group the terrorist units together, reshape and rename them. This axis includes the Turkish-Erdoganian tendency to create ethnic-related groups, such as Turkistan army, the forces of Sultan Murad, and groups of Chinese Uyghurs, Chechnya and Caucasus in general.

This scenario is updated by bringing the terrorism of Turkmens of ethnic origins with all their family members.

The target is clear, they want to emphasize that the areas in which they gather in the Syrian geography are their property, a gained heritage and a place of settlement in terms of geography, settlement and the tasks assigned to these powers.

Anyway, what frequently happens is that no matter how the added factors improved their conditions, going deep in their project against Syria is in vain.

Hence, the pre-prepared need for the US, general Western and the Israeli direct intervention in the attacks on Syria.

All this explains the behavior, in other words, the US policy and where its position in the big conspiracy.

In general, what happens are mere features trying to deceit between the surface that adopts slogans and the stable inside rooted in the origins of aggression and terrorism powers.

We are still following the US allegations of withdrawal from Syria, the Israeli aggression on our homeland came with all its characteristics based on betrayal, on the one hand, and posing a constant threat of military war against Syria.

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