A sharp message from Syria to the Zionists

Rai al-Youm newspaper reported that high-level Israeli security sources said that the Syrian missile, that was fired at Israeli territory, which the occupation entity claimed was intercepted by the Iron Dome system.

was a surface-to-surface missile and not surface-to-air one which confirms in an irrefutable way, that the Syrian move was very well thought out, and the decision was taken at the highest level in Damascus.

The newspaper pointed out e that Syria wanted from behind this rocket to send a sharp message to “Israel” that the old rules of the game are over, and that Damascus is ready to face.

Then the newspaper quoted the analyst of military affairs in the (Haaretz), “Amos Harel,” that the Syrian missile was in response to the Israeli attack, which was implemented on Sunday night in the morning hours.

In addition to that; all the observers and analysts agreed on one fact that carries a lot of strategic dimensions with regard to the future:The missile launched from the Syrian territory towards “Israel” was a very heavy weight, which confirms that Damascus has taken the decision to launch it, and that the talk is not about a mistake, but a Syrianpublic official decision that the rules of engagement have changed.

Harel added that Israel’s policy of ambiguity adopted by “Netanyahu” a week after the public announcement of “Israel” responsibility of aggression on Syria, has lost its impact on the political agenda, whether in the occupied entity, in Syria or the entire Middle East, adding that it is ironic that the Zionist media resort to foreign media to publish reports on the attack, because the relevant authorities decided to activate the military censorship, he said…

The analyst also pointed out in the course of his analysis that this game is no longer convincing anyone, and do not fool anyone, especially as Syria officially announced the aggression and the Syrian response to it, pointing out that the rocket, which “Israel” claimed it has dropped was fired when thousands of Israeli settlers were skiing on Mount Hermon, which raises many question marks about the timing of the Israeli operation in broad daylight while all other operations were carried out late at night, or before dawn.



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