Is a strategic leap to be expected in the wake of Zionist provocations?

Abul Bari Atwan sees that a thorough and in-depth monitoring of the aggressive Israeli missile attacks deep into Syria would reveal some highly-significant accomplishments, foremost of which are the following:

  • The probabilities for a potential Syrian-Iranian reprisal to these unprovoked Israeli attacks are high now. The launching of a medium-range missile with an explosive head weighing about half-a-ton on the Golan Heights in retaliation to the latest Israeli strikes confirms that the “barrier of hesitation” to take revenge is now broken.

  • The Second important thing has to do with the Russian attitude. The author believes that Russia would most likely take a firmer attitude (towards Israel) than it had done in 2018, especially in the light of the multiple criticisms addressed to Moscow for its silence about the recurrent Israeli attacks on Syria. He expected some sort of a pivotal change in Moscow’s stature would come to fruition (in the foreseeable future).

According to Atwan, it was a no causal coincidence that the Russian Leadership has leaked to “The Commerssant” daily an intelligence report asserting that the Syrian Arab Army and the Syrian Air Defenses would be ready to operate the S-300 systems as from next March, once all trainings are completed and once the Syrian cadres are in full aptitude to operate and use them competently.

The third significant accomplishment, Atwan says, is the exaggerated bragging by Israeli officials about some alleged “victories” obtained from their aggressive air raids on Syria. Such alleged “victories” are dubious at best.

Even Israeli military experts viewed these bragging with skepticism. The point isthat  such hyped bragging is most probably meant to distract attentions away from a highly significant decision that seems to have been taken, namely the gradual opening of the Golan Front  and the initiation of a Southern Front to counter Occupation Forces, Atwan believes.

Atwan also talks about a surprisingly qualitative upgrading in the Syrian Air Defenses Systems with the commissioning of the S-300 that would be operational soon.

If the less sophisticated Russian missiles such as the Pantsir and the Buk were able to competently  intercept and shoot down the greater majority of incoming Israeli missiles, one may imagine how the situation would look like once S-300 systems are fully operational, he noted.

Most probably, Israeli warplanes would be intercepted even over the Lebanese airspace, he says. The Russians, who are fed up with the reckless Israeli provocations, have alluded to such a possibility, he concluded.



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