What you about mysterious neutrons ?

Neutrons are one of the main components of the universe. These particles are rushing violently around the universe, unhindered, with very little interaction.

In fact, a single neutron particle can travel in a barrier of lead for a whole light year (about 10 trillion kilometers) without colliding with one atom.

Most of neutrons come from the sun or the earth atmosphere.

But the source of one group of high-energy neutrons remained mysterious until few months, where an international team pursued one of them until it reached a distant galaxy.

This galaxy has a very shining center due to an energy that flows from a huge black hole, with some material falling into the hole, tremendous amounts of charged particles appear which convert these galaxies into huge molecules accelerators.

The scientists had carried out researches in Antarctica for six years in order to collect data about these high energy neutrons, but this is the first time the researchers managed to match it with a source in the space.



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