Be Prepared for the Month of March

By : Nasir Qandil

Having been informed of the commands, the concerned authorities in each of Lebanon and Iraq have to reach the month of March with fully-fledged governments that are able to face the coming difficult and dangerous situations and critical regional developments.

It will be difficult and complex to reach settlements and the open war is out of question.

The American-Israeli equation stems from two impossibilities. The first impossibility is the co-existence with the growing axis of resistance and its coherence, in addition to having more geographical and military power; so that any settlement entrenching the Syrian triumph in the form of its current balance is a direct threat that Israel cannot tolerate its consequences.

The second impossibility is the inability to prevent this dramatic scene through a direct radical confrontation based on the use of military power, which was possible in better conditions before the battle of Aleppo, the battle of Ghouta or the battle of Southern Syria.

Between these two impossibilities, the so-called military mutual approach to the line of engagement is happened in “no man’s land”, hoping that it will prevent the opposite party from approaching in return.

This means betting that the last step of approach to the line of engagement is made by the American-Israeli side without being matched by a similar step made by the axis of resistance, where new rules of engagement will be formed at this point of face-to-face confrontation without fight.

The month of March would be the deadline for crystallizing the military alternatives that will succeed the American withdrawal from the Syrian-Turkish borders. Certainly, April is the month of withdrawal.

Therefore, is it reasonable that Turkey shall risk its interests in the region and fall into the American trap by receiving border posts from Washington other than those mentioned in Astana Talks with Russia and Iran and returning it back to the pre-battle of Aleppo??!  .

Moreover, in March, the S-300 missile system delivered to Syria would be operational, according to the Russian Newspaper “Kommersant” quoting military sources.

Israel has heard the words of the Syrian Diplomat, “Dr. Bashar Al-Jaafari” from the platform of the UN, raising the equation of targeting Tel Aviv airport in case Damascus airport is targeted.

It is well known that Al-Jaafari’s speech is a serious introduction to the equation, about which the Chief of Staff of the occupation’s army said that it is a hypothesis that cannot be ignored; as Syria has the ability to translate it into actions and Al-Jaafari does not talk randomly.

The deterrence equations are prepared for a hot test to draw up the new rules of engagement.

March is not too far, and the US bet on confrontation under the name of financial war, along with calming the military fronts through which its opponents proved to have the upper hand, will remain unreachable dream.

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