Daily Archives: Monday February 4th, 2019

Foolish Zionists leaders and holy Syrian skies

Inventible failure is the destiny of the Zionists, they can’t touch the Syrian sky,and the Mediterranean has become a haven for the desperate…as the vigilance of the Syrian Air Defense Force and the high readiness of its crews make them capable of dropping any air aggression on Syria. But the question remains; how did leaders of the Zionist entity commit ...

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Get to Know the Largest Regional Project Syria is Preparing for!

Syria is preparing to revive the largest regional railway link project in the Middle East, whichhas been talked about since years, but thenstopped by the circumstances of the war. A source in the Syrian Ministry of Transport has revealed the existence of a future plan to link Al-Basira Stationon the track of Mahin Alsharqiya and the phosphate mines to Al-Tanaf ...

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