Foolish Zionists leaders and holy Syrian skies

Inventible failure is the destiny of the Zionists, they can’t touch the Syrian sky,and the Mediterranean has become a haven for the desperate…as the vigilance of the Syrian Air Defense Force and the high readiness of its crews make them capable of dropping any air aggression on Syria.

But the question remains; how did leaders of the Zionist entity commit such a foolishness despite knowing what was mention?

“The real reason behind this move is the common interest of Netanyahu and Kokhafi the newly appointed chief of staff of the enemy,”Mohammed Sadiq al-Husseini said, adding: “Netanyahu is trying to escape the judicial investigations that are closing him down quickly by presenting himself to the public as the savior of «Israel», while the new chief of staff tries to give a strong image of himself to the «Israeli» public especially as he is a completely failing general.

Kokhafi was the commander of the so-called “Gaza” Squadron, the 98th Paratroopers Squadron, in the Israeli army when the army was forced to withdraw from the Gaza Strip in 2005.

Then he participated in the defeat of the Israeli army in Lebanon in 2006 and was later appointed as chief of Israeli military intelligence from 2010 to 11/2014, after that, he was appointed commander of the Northern Front in the army, then Deputy Chief of Staff of the Israeli army since 5/2017 until his appointment as Chief of Staff.

The Zionist entity, according to the writer, lives a series of failures that can’t be changed by Netanyahu’s show offs or by the lies of his media.

Neither his “breakthroughs” in the Gulf states nor his safari trips to Chad can change the facts of the field: he is unable to penetrate the Syrian and Lebanese airspace and is forced to launch his fireworks from the Mediterranean, and that his new chief of staff had failed from the moment he agreed to carry out the raid.

Finally, the writer concludes that this failed general will culminate his series of defeats by the great defeat that his entity will witness, a defeat that the resistance is preparing so well for, which will inevitably bring disintegration and disappearance of the occupation entity…



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