From the roar of water to its silence.A new policy.

By: Dr. Ali al-Shoaibi

It is said that politics is the art of the possible. It was possible that the nations of Europe and the Arabs would surround us, but militarization is not politics,where the proxy has been defeated and its radix followed it.

Now what can this radix do? The art of the possible is long ago gone; and so is militarization.

People are rushing towards Syria from everywhere and many others will do so, but we are not worried because President Assad- whom we believe every word he says- has already told us 8 years ago about what is happening now.

People of the Euphrates have a proverb about the water of this mighty river that says: don’t fear the running water, fear the slack one! We have our eyes on the water we fought which began to live in a state of transformation, as it turns from bullets to throwing weapons in silence, and now with victory almost all over the country ; our problem is only with the slack water.

Previously, we had an arm on the trigger and another extended to shake hands, now we have both eyes and arms on the slack water!

In the Arabian equestrian poetry there is a genre called theequitable poetry, when two knights fights for a period of time and one of them is defeated, the loser quickly praise his opponent and describe him with great virtues.

We have already defeated the proxy and the radix, thus their hand has reached to us knocking the Damascene doors, yet we have not heard a single word of apology for what they did to us.

None has told us “sorry for what we did to you, let us tell you why they provoked us against you.

All this is because you are free, you have your sovereign decision, and you did not give up Palestine any day. Yes, that is all your guilt.

And forgive us; we are not noble to apologize to you and to glorify what your army did.We have taken advantage of the weakness of the media and came back to you with the silence of the disappointment, we returned silent after we were roaring”.

Once again, the answer of our leadership will be an eye on the gun, and another on peace, but he will tell them that in other words”an eye on the slack water where you may say goodbye to your crocodiles”.

When hearts are true they can express their apology with words, that if the bad deed was only words, but when it is blood for whole eight years that would be something else.

When hearts are true they consider reconstructing the country and pay for each grain of dust, but we know you anyway whether you came to us or against us.

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