The Syrian philosophy in countering Israeli attacks

By: Nassar Ibrahim (Occupied Palestine)

Whenever Israel launches an attack on Syria, the images of some war-strategy freaks come to my mind.

I almost see them following up the clashes from the comfort of their homes, stretching their legs at ease and perhaps cracking and flaking sunflower seeds, as they jump to criticize and gloat: “Where is the Syrian retaliation?

Where is Iran? Where is Moscow?,” they gleefully ask.

Here we have to differentiate between ill-intent freaks and many good-intent critics who really fear for Syria and believe in her.

The latter group wish that Syria would really retaliate to each and every  Israeli attack in kind and harder.

The questions raised by the second category of people are driven bytheir  noble motivations. There is no  problem with those good-intent questions.

The problem lies with the few wicked idiots who wish from their hearts that Israel might destroy Damascus and annihilate the Syrian Arab Army. Such wicked critics wish that Syria would raise the white banner as they have done themselves.

They overlook the fact that Syria has been fighting a full-scale war waged upon her for over  7 consecutive  years now.

This war is an Israeli-American war of aggression waged through proxies. Syria  now is winning this war despite all the horrors, the dear sacrifices and the large-scale destruction.

Yet, these few freaks never ask why does not either Israel nor the US dare to wage a direct and a full-scale war on Syria?

By posing this question, I want to note that a full-scale war is not a camel race in the desert. Wars are waged on the premises of  accurate calculus, balances, strategies and alliances.

I mean that the decision to go to war against a formidable enemy alliance such as the US-Israeli-Reactionary one should not be taken rashly nor without a proper contemplation.

Such a decision would not and should not be taken momentarily as a rash reaction taken while the missiles are flying both ways.

Here one has to pose the unavoidable question: What does Israel want from these missile provocations?

Had it been able to wage a war and decide its outcome, why would it waste its time with such a missile-firing game, especially as the Syrian Air Defenses have often managed to down the greater number of them?

I mean that Israel is maneuvering and getting with such provocations in order to attain several security and political objectives besides conducting an open-fire reconnaissance of the “enemy” front, provided that such engagements would not escalate into a full-blown war.

And since Syria realizes this equations, it counters the Israeli attacks in order to prevent them from attaining these specific objectives.

This is quite fine according to the calculations of  the deep deterrence equations that never surface to the public eye.

Syria’s strategic calculations and options should not be subject to a spontaneous reaction to a certain missile strike and a subsequent series of reprisals.

The one who prepares oneself for a full liberation war and works to accumulate the prerequisites of strength should not be trapped by any temptation and should not get off the set course for strategic victory by getting engaged in auxiliary skirmishes.

The one who does not realize the meaning of this Strategic Syrian patience should rather recall how the situation was like few years ago.

Where was Syria back then and where does she stand right now on all levels? Here is a question that might help in understanding some of the war equations: As the Blitz War (on Syria) has failed and as Syria has amazed the entire world with her legendary  resilience and patience, one should ask: Which people and army would stand its grounds  firmer in any potential open war?

The people of Syria who face Israeli missiles by  going out to the streets to chant in praise of Syria and its  valiant Arab Army, who is countering Israeli attacks and rendering them futile, or the Israeli settler communities who rush to shelters if just one salvo of Katyosha rockets is being fired?

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