Idlib misses Sukhoi and misses Syria

By: Naram Sargon

You can’t blame lovers for missing their beloved ones; warriors for missing their swords and spears, guns for craving to taste the ammunition and smell gunpowder, or brave men longing to the sound of bullets and the roar of tanks while looking forward to meet their enemies with weapons…

and just like you follow the news of Abu Muhammad Al-Julani I do, may God awards him with more victories on his “terrorist brothers” enemies! He is well known for his defeats and his rides in the “green buses”, but these days I swear he is doing so well …

he has overthrown all the rebels. What is noticed in the battles of (Abu Muhammad Al-Julani) is that all the defense lines of the Turkish militias fell in a blink; he was even faster than Khaled Bin Al Waleed’s invasion of the Roman lines in Yarmouk, the strange thing is that the Turks didn’t shoot a single a bullet…

The whole thing seemed like a receipt and delivery operation and a terrorist play written by “HakanFidan” and directed by Erdogan, who only stood behind the cameras and give the signal (Action) ..

So Julani went into action and Zanki went to action. Al-Julani is so naïve thinking that he is bribing the people of Erdogan by fighting with them the Kurdish common enemy east of the Euphrates.Either he entered the Turkish trap with his own legs or he is literally executing the Sochi agreement in response to a strict Turkish order that vowed to separate al-Nusra and terrorism from the rest of the components…

we still can’t figure out how this commitment is possible, it is like the process of separating good rats from bad rats, as most of the terrorist groups moved their loyalty between different banners,who is with al-Nusra was with Daash in the past, and who was in the Zanki moved to al-Nusra, and who was in al-Nusra moved to the “Free Army”.

Many consider what is happening now to be what the Russians and allies of Erdogan have demanded. Turkey has withdrawn its elements from the battle and has pushed Al-Julani and his army to deploy so they will be an easy bite for the Sukhoi and the Syrian army men.

But what about the recent Turkish statements about coordination with the Americans on a buffer zone? What about Erdogan’s statements about old rights in the territory of southern Turkey and that Turkey is moving in its old lands?

These statements are for Turkish domestic consumption ,because the Turanian and Islamic Turkish society is not at all divided on this issue.

Therefore, Erdogan always likes to be a father of the Turks and informs every one of the speech that everyone loves to hear … An imperial speech with an Ottoman Islamic taste…

but where is reason inthe establishment of a buffer zone north of Syria??

How will Erdoğan organize his buffer zone with the exit of America and under the eye of Russia, which was not accepted at the beginning of the war, where the Syrian situation was critical? Today it seems from what we see that TayyipErdoğan on his insolence may give us Idlib on a plate of gold…

and give us the head of Al-Nusra as well…Today, who will ask the Syrian army to wait before breaking into Idlib, which has become land full of terrorism and of al-Qaeda?

Does Erdogan dare to make Idlib or any other place a trap for a military battle in which he will secretly use a qualitative and chemical weapon??

If that happened, and this whelp came back to the nature of his mother;then he will seethat the Sukhoi will plow the north and drift it away.

I predict and dare to say as that I can hear the Sukhoi playing over Idlib.

I can see the shoes of Syrian soldiers around the governorate building sometime around 2019 just like I saw that in Aleppo once, then what happened has happened there, and it was liberated despite the nose of the world.

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